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In the "From" gap of the search form, indicate the place of departure, in the "To" gap - the destination. You can select the desired city, airport, train station, port and hotel from the drop-down menu or enter the exact address of the place.

Click the Find button. Select the appropriate class of transfer and click "Order" to go to the booking.

In the "From" gap, select a city or enter the address of the hotel, from where you need to get to the airport. The price does not depend on the address of the place where the driver will pick you up. The main thing is that it is within the specified city. In the “To” gap, select the airport

Important: to calculate the car pick-up time, take into account the travel time indicated on the website in order to take a taxi to the airport in time.

If you need a transfer from the airport or from the station, specify the time of or arrival: in this case it is easier for the driver to arrange a meeting at the airport or at the station

Important: if you find out about a change in arrival time, please let us know so that we can inform the carrier.

If you need a transfer from the hotel to the airport, specify the time when you need to be met at the reception. You will need to calculate the time of departure. We recommend that you deduct approximately three hours from the time of departure for check-in at the airport and the duration of the trip. The approximate time for which the driver can get to the airport is indicated on the booking page.

The approximate travel time is indicated on the website, as well as in the voucher (pdf, which you download when ordering) confirming the booking.

Important: the duration of the trip is approximate and may vary depending on traffic on the roads, time of day, dates, holiday events, etc.

If you become aware of a worsening traffic situation, please amend your order in advance.

When ordering a transfer from the airport, please indicate the full flight number you are arriving with. Full number contains numeric and alphabetic parts.

For example, SU1870 — is the full flight number, and 1870 is not full enough.

If you give the wrong flight number, the driver may not meet you on time.

The minimum pre-order time depends on the vehicle class

Transfers on cars of Premium, Premium Minibus 6 pax classes and on multi-seater buses (Minibus 10, 13, 16, 19pax and Shuttle) must be ordered no later than 24 hours before the trip

Transfers on all other car classes (Micro, Economy, Comfort, Minivan 4 pax, Minibus 7 pax) - no later than 16 hours before the trip.

You can place an urgent order if less time is left before the trip. We will receive an application, try to find a carrier and notify you if we can provide the service.


Depending on the country of transfer, the following payment options are available:

  1. By cash to the driver. Prepayment on the site is not required, you transfer the entire amount to the driver at the meeting. When booking, you have to add your credit card details.
  2. Full prepayment on the site. You pay the full amount of the transfer from the airport, in the currency convenient for you.
  3. Partial payment at the time of booking on the website and payment of the cash balance to the driver upon arrival at the destination.

We accept payments with VISA and MasterCard cards. Both payment systems ensure the security of the transfer according to international standards. The data entry operation takes place on a secure page, which is the gateway of the payment system. This ensures the safety of your data and the delivery of funds.

We recommend paying in the currency specified in the voucher.

Important: you need to prepare required amount of money in advance.

Payment in another currency can be discussed with the driver, but he will be entitled to refuse and ask you to exchange money

Change or cancel the order

If there is more than 24 hours left before the trip, go to the change-cancel booking page from the letter with the subject “Confirmation of booking a taxi” that you received after placing the order on the website.

If it’s less than 24 hours before the trip, notify the driver of urgent changes using the contact numbers we sent you.

Important: Order changes that arrived in less than 24 hours may not be accepted.

Go to the change-cancel order page from the letter with the subject “Confirmation of booking a taxi” that you received after placing the order on the site.

Important: in case of urgent cancellation of the order, we will not be able to refund your prepayment. The time when the cancellation of the order without loss will be impossible is indicated in the letter and on the change-cancel page.

You can cancel a reservation with a full refund of the amount paid:

  • in more than 5 hours before the start of the transfer - for booking class 1 cars (Micro, Economy, Comfort, Minivan 4 pax, Minibus 7 pax)
  • more than 24 hours before the start of the transfer - for booking class 2 cars (Business, Premium, Premium Minibus 6 pax, Minibus 10, 13, 16, 19 pax, Shuttle).

If cancellation occurs later, penalties may be applied in accordance with a public offer.

The refund is made in the same way that the payment was made, within 10 working days


A child of any age is considered a passenger, and this should be taken into account when entering the number of people when booking.

When completing the booking details, you can add the required type of baby seats. Baby seats are charged separately.

In most countries, child seats are required. The safety of transporting children is regulated by law, and the lack of seats is punishable by a fine.

The number of passengers and pieces of luggage that the car holds is indicated for all classes of vehicles on our website. Each class has examples of models that apply to it.

If you have doubts which class is best, consult with our manager.

We guarantee the provision of your choice when booking a car class or a class of greater comfort or capacity. Class replacement rules are:

  • Micro class can be replaced by Economy, Comfort, Business, Premium, Minivan 4pax, Premium Minibus 6pax, Minibus 7pax;;
  • Economy class can be replaced by Comfort, Business, Premium, Minivan 4 pax, Premium Minibus 6 pax, Minibus 7 pax;
  • Comfort class can be replaced by Business, Premium, Minivan 4pax, Premium Minibus 6 pax, Minibus 7pax;
  • Business class can be replaced by Premium;
  • Minivan 4pax can be replaced by Premium Minibus 6pax, Minibus 7 и 10pax;
  • Minibus 7pax can be replaced by Minibus 10 и 13pax;
  • Minibus 10, 13, 16pax can be replaced by larger capacity Minibus.

Important: models of cars on the site are presented for review and may differ; cars are not branded, which means they do not have the KiwiTaxi logo.

Meeting a driver

Important: the driver will meet you with a nameplate with your name.

When departing from the airport, the driver will meet you after passing through passport control and receiving baggage at the exit from the arrival area.

The driver will be waiting for you in the hotel lobby when traveling from the hotel.

Instructions regarding the meeting are in the voucher confirming the booking.

The day before the transfer begins, we will send the driver’s contact phone number to your email.

You will also receive the driver's number in the SMS on the phone that was specified when booking. Important: to call the driver, use the phone number specified in the message text — the number from which contacts are being sent is not a channel for communication.

Important: Call or email the driver if you have delayed your flight for more than half an hour or moved to another time, and also if you are delayed in receiving your baggage at the airport.

We guarantee that the driver will do everything to meet you.

He will have your phone, and you will have his. Please keep the phone turned on.

We try to select carriers so that the driver speaks the language of the client or at least in English.

But we cannot guarantee the driver’s knowledge of a particular language. Basic information about the route will be with the driver, and this will allow you to avoid communication with the driver and problems with the language barrier.

If you did not find the driver, look at the signs of those who meet you again. Perhaps the driver did not notice when you were leaving. Wait 15 minutes and try to contact the driver: he could have got in a traffic jams.

If the driver did not get in touch within 30 minutes, order a taxi from the airport to the city, transfer from the hotel to the airport or train station at the reception desk or another route that our driver should take you.

Important: If the driver does not meet you we refund your money.

Group transfers (shuttles)

Group transfer (shuttle) is a trip on a tourist bus to a group of passengers who may be unfamiliar with each other, but heading the same route to one place. You are buying a seat on a bus that specifically carries tourists and runs on a convenient schedule.

This is usually the most profitable transfer option per person.

When transfering from the airport, depending on the region, the driver can meet you either with a sign at the exit from the arrivals area (after passing through passport control and baggage claim), or at a meeting place in or near the airport. You need to get to the meeting place yourself.

Important: the meeting place is indicated in the voucher that is sent on your email after you order a transfer.

During the transfer from the hotel, the shuttle will arrive to your hotel.

If you are coming from the station or from the port, the driver will contact you at the time indicated in the voucher to arrange a meeting place.

When departing from the airport, train station or port, passengers are gathered before the trip. The shuttle leaves when all passengers arrive at the collection point. Usually you need to wait no more than 30 minutes, but according to the rules, the waiting time can take up to 2 hours

When departing from the hotel, the landing takes place immediately. Be prepared for landing at least 15 minutes before the start: the shuttle can arrive ahead of the time specified in the voucher. Important: when departing from the hotel, the shuttle will wait for you no more than 5 minutes after arrival.

The estimated time specified in the voucher.

Actual time may differ from that stated in the voucher, as the driver disembarks and lands other passengers on the way.

When traveling to the airport, we will deliver you no later than 2 hours, but no earlier than 5 hours before departure.

We provide shuttle service only to and from hotels within the central areas of the city or on fixed destinations to and from specific locations or resorts.

Important: if the way to the hotel is blocked, the bus will stop at the nearest available poin.